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20+ dogs dead of mysterious canine parvovirus-like illness

Michigan officials looking into mysterious canine parvovirus-like illness after 20+ dogs die

  • Canine parvovirus-like illness has killed more than 20 dogs in Michigan.
  • Most died within three days, and most were under the age of 2.
  • Officials urge pet owners to get their pets properly vaccinated.

More than 20 dogs have died in Northern Michigan from a strange sickness. Similar to the canine parvovirus, with the majority passing away in less than three days.

The Otsego County animal shelter posted on social media that the animals passed away. After showing canine parvovirus signs like vomiting and bloody stools. Veterinarians originally tested the canines for the virus, but the results were negative.

According to the AVMA, canine parvovirus is extremely contagious and affects the gastrointestinal systems of dogs. With unvaccinated dogs and puppies less than 4 months being most at risk.

According to the Baker Institute for Animal Health, the disease originally appeared in dogs in Europe around 1976. But has since become less common as a result of the introduction of efficient immunizations.

Direct touch between dogs or exposure with contaminated settings or faeces are two ways it might spread.

Early in August, the Otsego County Animal Shelter announced the cases for the first time. Stating that they had received reports throughout the previous month.

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According to the animal shelter, the majority of the dogs in Michigan that displayed such signs passed away within three days. And the majority were younger than two years old.

The shelter stated that similar cases have been rumoredly reported throughout northern and central Michigan. Including Vanderbilt, the city of Gaylor, west of Gaylord, and south of Gaylord, and that it does not appear that the virus is affecting some breeds more than others.

“No one knows the solution. The best “guess,” according to Melissa FitzGerald, director of animal shelter/control, is that this is a form of parvo.

A number of state and local organisations, including the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Animal control organisations, the Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers, veterinarians, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, have launched investigations in response to the disturbing reports.

Testing and cause-finding efforts are also being supported by the Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. The laboratory stated that it would also look into “novel explanations like new viral varieties.”

Officials are now advising pet owners to properly vaccinate their animals.

As of Friday, “We have not seen any dogs who die that are PROPERLY vaccinated,” according to the Otsego County Animal Shelter.

The Otsego County Fire Department will host a vaccination clinic every Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. until September 21.

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