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5 DIY hacks to dry your nail polish fast

5 DIY hacks to dry your nail polish fast

  • To wait impatiently for the nail paint to dry so you can move on with your life takes a lot of patience.
  • Looking for a quick way to dry your nail polish?
  • Have a look at DIY nail polish hacks.

You’ll undoubtedly feel happier after getting your nails painted professionally or creating DIY nail art at home, especially if you end up with a design you’ve been pining for. When I consider what I have accomplished, my heart definitely gives a little jump! Even you will probably feel content and proud in the end. However, when it comes to waiting for your nail polish to dry, that joy can occasionally be fleeting or diverted.

To wait impatiently for the nail paint to dry so you can move on with your life takes a lot of patience (uff). What if you need to leave quickly? Will you take the chance of having your newly painted nails smudged? If you’re involved in the same love-hate drama, you should read this article.

Therefore, stop remaining motionless after your manicure session because in our fast-paced world, nobody has time to spend. Looking for a quick way to dry your nail polish? Keep reading!

Utilize ice-cold water to quickly dry nail paint

The earliest known technique that has been proven to be successful to date. All you need is an ice-filled dish large enough to accommodate your fingers, some ice, and teeny-tiny preparation. Take the incredibly simple actions listed below:

  • Put those ice cubes in the bowl and add cold tap water before you begin painting your nails.
  • Keep the dish close to the area where you plan to sit to do your nails.
  • When you are finished painting your nails, give the polish a few minutes to set (in order to make the drying process spread evenly).
  • Once your nails are dipped, keep them in the basin for at least five minutes.
    Remove your hands (or toes) from the bowl after five minutes. Verify whether your nails are covered in water beads.
  • If so, your nail polish is finished drying.
  • If not, re-dip your fingers in the water for a few more seconds.

Blow-dry your manicure

Connect your hairdryer to the outlet and select the cool air setting before you begin painting your nails. After finishing painting your nails, carefully blow dry them with a continuous stream of cool air using the drier. Keep in mind to ONLY use a low fan speed and a cold temperature setting.

The best way to make this trick work is to paint your nails on one hand, dry them with the hairdryer, then paint your nails on the other hand.

Frozen nail polish

Go to your kitchen and carefully open the freezer area of your refrigerator after you’ve finished painting your nails. Put your hands in there for at least five minutes or as long as you can withstand the cold. Then sit with your hands spread out and wait for the ice nails to melt. After a little while, you will notice water beads on your nails. It demonstrates how absolutely dry your nails are.

Apply a fast-drying top coat

The price of many commercially available quick-drying top coats is comparable to or even lower than that of ordinary nail polish. These top coats that dry quickly make the claim that they offer an additional layer of glossy sheen to your nail paint, speeding up the drying process. The greatest top coats also help to stop chips from occurring. I suppose it’s an intriguingly worthwhile investment.

Use drying drops OR olive oil drops

Another outdated trick: just give it a try without asking any questions and be impressed. To help your freshly painted nails dry more quickly, soak them in extra virgin olive oil for about two minutes. In addition to using extra virgin coconut oil (the OG), sunflower oil, or baby oil as substitutes for olive oil, you can also do so.

Similarly, you may buy drying drops offline or online from any cosmetics retailer. These are not the same as top coats that dry quickly. Drying drops don’t add a further layer to your nail paint like top coats do. However, because they are oil-based drops, they moisturise and nourish the skin around your cuticles.

Anecdotally, this technique appears to dry your nail colour just on the top layer. Therefore, even if your nail paint seems dry after using these drying drops, do not be fooled. To completely set, give your nails another two to three minutes.

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