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Airplane part almost hits a Maine Capitol Police officer

Airplane part almost hits a Maine Capitol Police officer

  • The metal hit with a loud bang on a slab of granite about 6 to 8 feet from a security screener.
  • It came close to hitting the Maine State House, no one hurt.
  • The FAA believes it came from a trans-Atlantic passenger jet.

Officials claimed Monday that a metal object thought to have fallen from a trans-Atlantic jet crashed down outside the Maine State House and landed with a loud explosion within a few steps from a Capitol Police officer.

According to Capitol Police Chief Matthew Clancy, the Federal Aviation Administration was informed on Friday and came back to the State House on Monday to continue its investigation of the object.

The metal was close to striking the building itself, according to the witness, and struck a slab of granite lining a cobblestone walkaway with a loud noise approximately 6 to 8 feet from a security screener.

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He was undoubtedly shocked, the chief declared. “He had a jolting wake-up call as he was returning to the building.”

Nobody was harmed. According to him, the FAA thinks the metal sleeve, which weighs 6 to 7 pounds, originated from a major passenger jet’s wing flap. All flights that day safely landed after airlines received notification, according to Clancy.

The location of the aeroplane component’s crash site is frequently utilised for press conferences, protests, and rallies while the Maine Legislature is in session, according to him.

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