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Amber Heard on “throne” ordering “young actresses”

Amber Heard seated on a “throne,” ordering “young actresses” to serve Elon Musk’s friends

  • Amber Heard allegedly used young actors to earn favor with Silicon Valley bigwigs.
  • Andy Signore claims on his YouTube channel to expose Johnny Depp’s ex-wife on a ‘deeper level’
  • The pundit compared Aquaman’s ‘dark’ past and ties with Elon Musk to sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

Mr Signore quoted Jessica Krauss aka house inhabit: “Amber dated Maxwell-types. Darkness. Here’s a source.

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He read from Ms Krauss’s document: “A celebrity called me and described what they’d witnessed and showed me images. On stage, satanic-style leather-clad girls surrounded Amber, who sat on a throne. They all performed for males below.”

Moreover, “At these events, rich, powerful men bowed to her like a queen.

“Everyone knew the girls entertained socially inept billionaires.

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Signore said of Heard and Musk: “Heard and his wife hosted Musk at their Beverly Hills home in 2011. Amber became a favourite in the circle because she was good at luring young, struggling workers for roses.

He wrote, “They’d perform for Musk and his pals.”

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