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Anchor Jameel Farooqui appears in court for case hearing

  • Anchor Jameel Farooqui appears in court for case hearing.
  • FIA  has requested for further extension of the physical remand of Jameel Farooqui.
  • Anchor’s lawyer Mian Ashfaq Ali read the details of his video in court.

LAHORE: Bol News anchor Jameel Farooqui appeared in court as the hearing is going on in Yasir Chaudhry’s court on Sunday.

As per details, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has requested for further extension of the physical remand of Jameel Farooqui.
FIA officials in their report said that they have recovered the video from Jameel Farooqui and he should also investigate the people to whom this video has been sent by FIA.

According to the reports, FIA officials are to recover some other related equipment from Jameel Farooqui and opposition to remand by Farooqui’s counsel Mian Ali Ashfaq.

However, Anchor’s lawyer Mian Ashfaq Ali read the details of his video in court. Whereas, he said that FIA has recovered the video which was on YouTube.

Jameel’s attorney added that if bar consuls and journalists will not speak about torture in custody, then who will speak? He said that The Supreme Court forgives the criticism and instead of that Islamabad police arrested him.

Mian Ali further said that Shahbaz Gill does not admit to sexual harassment in Parliament Lodges in response to the question of journalist Abdul Qayyum Siddiqui. The lawyer has recorded Shahbaz Gill’s comments about applying electric current to his genitals
Regarding Shahbaz Gill, Mian Ali said, Jameel’s information might be right or wrong.

However, Jameel Farooqui’s lawyer continued his arguments and said that there is humanity, how someone can take off an oxygen mask? Farooqui’s case is the same, where is the criminal offence in it?
Did he ask authorities that is it a crime to raise a voice on injustice? Where are the leaders of human rights?

Mian Ali said that even if this video is believed to be true, it does not come under any provision of PPC. He added, that no one gave any statement regarding this whole situation likewise police officer or IG.
He further added that today is my seventh day with him and will show the tricks of FIA in the court with evidence.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah has said in the judgment of the Supreme Court that the honour of a person comes first.

In the video at Karachi Airport, Jameel Farooqui admitted to exposing himself while crying. Jameel Farooqui’s lawyer Mian Ali Ashfaq played the Karachi Airport video in the courtroom.

The lawyer added that in Jameel Farooqui’s video, there is no discussion about linguistics, regionalism, religion, religion.
Jameel Farooqui’s lawyer Mian Ali admitted to the FIA ​​prosecutor that the contents of both the FIRs are the same.

The lawyer said that Shahbaz Gill did not talk about violence and sexual violence against him as Shahbaz Gill’s application to the court was presented by him.

Attorney said that Gill’s sexual assault is in front of everyone and the Child pornography section has also been added to him.

Lawyer Mian Ali Ashfaq has admitted that the Islamabad police itself did not file an FIR.

Mian Ali brought Jameel to the court a day ago without completing the two-day physical remand.

As per details, Court has given an order that Jameel Farooqui can meet his family members.

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