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Anmol Baloch reveals reasons of rejecting proposals

Anmol Baloch reveals reasons of rejecting proposals

Anmol Baloch has definitely shown herself to be the best and most interesting actress. Her amazing acting skills have won the hearts of millions of people and brought her a lot of fame and praise. Her looks have always made her fans happy, whether she was in a TV show or a modelling shoot. She is thought to have become famous as soon as she got into the entertainment business.

In an recent interview, Anmol Baloch was asked to tell the reason of rejecting proposals, she replied that she has been rejecting all the proposals as most of them come from her hometown and she does not feel that she can go and live in a village

After spending all her life in a city and now working in the industry. Her excellent and best acting skills have given her the reputation of being the best actress.

Earlier, she told a very interesting fact about her life: since she got into show business, her cousins from her home village have been asking her to marry them.

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