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Carlsbad Caverns National Park was evacuated of 100+ people

Carlsbad Caverns National Park was evacuated of more than 100 people

  • Flash flooding caused officials to issue a shelter-in-place for several hours at their visitor’s center.
  • State Road 7, which is one of the main roads that runs near the park, was impassable.
  • Some people were unable to eat after the caverns ran out of food.

Aproximately 150 persons who were stranded at Carlsbad Caverns National Park were evacuated. Just before midnight on Saturday, park staff at the Caverns permitted visitors to depart the area securely.

Flash flooding problems during that day led officials to order visitors to stay put at their tourist centre for a number of hours. The Caverns would be evacuated as soon as an order was given, a park warden informed Action 7 News.

Due to the localised heavy rain, park officials attempted to close the tourist destination on Saturday afternoon. State Road 7, one of the main routes that passes close to the park, was, nevertheless, impassable. The shelter-in-place order resulted from that.

Robert and Stephanie Saavedra, together with their three children, were among those stranded at the Caverns. When park officials issued the order to vacate, according to Stephanie, they were approximately halfway through the tour. They returned to the tourist centre building after a 20-minute walk. The road’s impassability was quickly recognised by the family.

Since we have three young children, we have been requesting food and water, Stephanie Saavedra said. “They aren’t even aware that we need food and water. We’re just waiting and wandering around.”

The family informed Action 7 News that although they had to pay for the lunch, it was provided to them by the employees at the tourist destination. They added that some people were unable to eat since the caverns ran out of food.

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