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Chelsea supervisor unimpressed by ref’s apology

Thomas Tuchel: Chelsea supervisor unimpressed by ref’s apology

  • Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel said he was not dazzled.
  • VAR official Mike Dean’s late statement of regret following.
  • Tottenham Hotspur’s late adjuster in the 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge.

Thomas Tuchel, manager of team Chelsea  said he was amazed it took Dean such a long time to acknowledge his mix-up.

On-field ref Anthony Taylor neglected to detect Cristian Romero’s hair pull on Marc Cucurella, with Dean this week conceding that he ought to have requested that Taylor visit the official survey region and check for a potential red card offense.

“Upon reflection, I should have asked Taylor to visit his pitch-side monitor to take a look for himself. The referee on field always has the final say,” Dean wrote in a column.

“My concern is more why it takes so long. It will not change stuff, unfortunately, but the decision is more than just a bad decision,” he told correspondents before Sunday’s excursion to Leeds United.

“We can discuss endlessly, but it is a new level of mistake. And for such an obvious and clear mistake with such an enormous consequence immediately for the outcome of a game, it was very, very hard to accept and to understand.”

Harry Kane’s balancer prompted a warmed a showdown among Tuchel and inverse number Antonio Conte at full time, bringing about a suspended one-match touchline boycott and a fine of 35,000 pounds ($41,000) for the German.

“I will survive it,” added Tuchel. “It is not a problem. It is a bit harder to accept given the context that two minutes before somebody on our team got pulled by the hair.”

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