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Court calls out Amber Heard’s “worst error” in Johnny Depp case

Court calls out Amber Heard’s “worst error” in the Johnny Deep case

  • People and friends of Amber Heard have even gone as far as to point out “one way” she could have won the case.
  • The biggest mistake Amber Heard made in the court case against Johnny Depp has come under fire,
  • Even her fans have started to criticize her for it.

According to a Twitter profile under the name ‘LeaveHeardAlone,’ the celebrity in question wound up employing the services of a file forensic analyst to investigate the possibility that her images had been edited, when she should have instead hired a digital photography expert.

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The mistake, which was also committed by Mr. Depp, is said to have cost the actor the opportunity to win her lawsuit against the Pirates star, as stated by the thread and various commentators.

In the thread, the writer alleges the duo “missed a critical piece of information” through their decision, and added, “Neither Depp nor Heard hired a digital photography expert to testify (they hired digital file forensic analysts: not the same thing). IMO this was a mistake on Heard’s part.”

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Additionally, Mr. Depp was accused of engaging in the same practise by the thread, in addition to reportedly utilising HDR features within his photographs, which stored the original image in addition to a more detailed version of the same image.

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