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Due to climate change, prehistoric Spanish Stonehenge reemerged

Due to climate change, prehistoric Spanish Stonehenge has reemerged

  • ‘Spanish Stonehenge’ emerges from Spain’s Valdecanas reservoir.
  • Thousands of years old prehistoric monument submerged under water.
  • Scorching summer has led to a 28% drop in water level.

In Europe, rivers and dams are drying up due to climate change. But the drought in Spain has had a positive side effect that has encouraged archaeologists. As a dam dried up, the Dolmen of Guadalperal, popularly known as the “Spanish Stonehenge,” came into view.

In one of the reservoir’s corners, a prehistoric monument dating back thousands of years was submerged in water in central Spain’s Valdecanas reservoir. Due to the hot weather, the water level has dropped by 28%, exposing the enormous upright stones.

Here is a look at dried-up rivers and dams from all around the world, from the “Spanish Stonehenge” emerging from Spain’s Valdecanas reservoir to Mexico, which is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years.

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