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During the papal audience, a Swiss guard passes out

During the papal audience, a Swiss guard passes out

  • The Swiss Guards constitute the world’s smallest army, numbering 135 in total.
  • They commit themselves to safeguarding the pope for at least 26 months.
  • The tiny city state has been suffering a heatwave, with temperatures forecast to hit 36 degrees.

A religious passage was being read when the young man, who was a member of the colourful armed group tasked with guarding the pope, collapsed, according to an AFP photographer.

The guard was seen lying face down wearing his recognisable red, yellow, and blue striped clothing and wearing his red feathered hat. The individual, who appeared pallid, was almost immediately hauled to his feet and assisted in leaving the Paul VI theatre.

The 85-year-old pope interrupted his routine towards the end of the audience to meet with a Swiss Guard in civilian attire.

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The guard “possibly suffered a dip in blood pressure,” a Vatican spokeswoman told AFP.

The teeny city state has been experiencing a heatwave, and on Wednesday, temperatures are expected to reach 36 degrees Celsius (97 degrees Fahrenheit).

The 135-member Swiss Guards, the smallest army in the world, are required to be practising Roman Catholics who are Swiss residents between the ages of 19 and 30. They must also be at least 1.47 metres (four feet, ten inches) tall. They must also be unmarried, however this is optional.

They pledge to keep the pope secure for at least 26 months.

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