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Ex-Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan appears in anti-terror court

Ex-Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan appears in anti-terror court

  • Police opened an investigation into Khan this week after he vowed to “take action”.
  • Imran Khan’s bail extended until September 1, making it impossible to detain him before that date.
  • His supporters cheer outside Anti-Terrorism Court in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, was given an extension of his pre-arrest bail on Thursday while police look into possible anti-terror code violations.

Hundreds of Khan’s followers cheered the news outside the Anti-Terrorism Court in the nation’s capital, Islamabad, where the entrance of the ousted leader was greeted by a significant security presence.

Khan’s pre-arrest bond was extended by the court until September 1, making it impossible to detain him before that date.
After Khan threatened to “take action” against the police commissioner and a magistrate at a rally in the capital on Saturday, authorities started an inquiry against him this week.

“Listen Director Inspector General (of police), we’re not going to let you go, we’re going to file a case against you. And madam magistrate you should also get ready, we will take action against you,” During a rally in support of Shahbaz Gill, his former chief of staff, Khan had spoken to his fans.

Following his call for soldiers to defy instructions from military authorities, Gill was taken into custody earlier this month on suspicion of sedition.

The assertions made by Khan that Gill was tortured by police while she was being held in detention have acquired traction with his supporters. The police in Islamabad dispute Khan’s claims.

Since Khan was expelled in a parliamentary no-confidence vote in April, tensions between the former star cricketer and the ruling coalition government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif have been simmering.

Khan has asserted that there is a US-led plot against him and has charged Sharif and the Pakistani military with cooperating with the US to overthrow his government. The charges have all been refuted by the Pakistani military, Sharif, and the US.

However, in a nation where anti-American sentiment is widespread and resentment at the elite is being fanned by a rising cost of living crises, Khan’s allegations have resonated with a young population.

He has regularly asked for a fresh parliamentary vote at large demonstrations staged after his removal, and his party recently won victory in provincial elections as a result of his continued popularity.

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