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Georgina Rodriguez turns heads in a two million euro outfit

Georgina Rodriguez'

Georgina Rodriguez turns heads in a two million euro outfit in Manchester

  • In Manchester last week, Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, wowed onlookers with her fashion sense.
  • Everybody was stunned by the over two million euro dress worn by Ronaldo’s kids’ mom.
  • The stunning Spanish model posted a snapshot of herself on Instagram on Wednesday taken in front of their Manchester property.

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The price tag on Ronaldo’s girlfriend’s blue dress had everyone gasp in shock, but it was her fantastic body that really stole the show. Within hours, the post had accumulated a large number of hearts and likes.

The stunning Argentinian model wore a blue Stella McCartney dress that cost 1,900 euros for the photo. She was wearing a pair of 765 euro LeSilla heels. The Hermes bag she was carrying added another 94,000 euros to the total cost of her ensemble.

Two rings and a very expensive watch were her hands’ most ostentatious accessories. First, there’s a ring with a diamond and a sapphire in it that costs eight hundred thousand euros. The other is a 700,000 Euro Cartier. A Rolex watch for 550,000 euro finished off the ensemble.

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She reportedly spent 2,146,665 euros on her outfit for a stroll through Manchester, and while her followers likely couldn’t afford such a lavish display of affection, that didn’t stop them from showing her their support anyhow.

The media is constantly covering Georgina because of her fashion sense and her romance with Cristiano Ronaldo. When it comes to modelling and social media influence, she is among the most popular names in the world.

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