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Google Camera 8.6 with Material You UI update now available for Wear OS

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Galaxy Watch 5 running Wear OS gets new Google Camera UI – 9to5Google

Google enables Pixel owners to manage their camera remotely via a smartwatch. Google Camera 8.6 for Wear OS is now available with a Material You overhaul.

Prior to the recent update (on version 8.1), Google Camera’s appearance harkened back to the period of Wear OS — if not Android Wear — applications. Additional controls were placed in a lower sheet that can be tapped or swiped upwards.

Following the redesign, there is now a pill-shaped hamburger button at the very top. This page adheres to the newest Wear OS design guidelines for a simple list, allowing you to tap to toggle between the front- and rear-facing camera or enable the “3 Sec” timer.

The shutter button, which is now positioned at the bottom of the screen as opposed to the middle as in previous models, no longer obscures the subject. Similar to previous versions, Google Camera will briefly indicate the current setting while switching.

Google Camera 8.6

Zoom controls are on the right, however, the “Infinity” label on the drag handle is now too large for the white circle. This will likely be addressed in a future version, as the live previews appear blurrier than they did previously.

This morning, the camera app with version with a Material You redesign is broadly rolling out on Wear OS via the Play Store.

Today also sees a modest upgrade to the phone equivalent. Version 8.6 for Android 13 smartphones, which was released last month, includes Material You enhancements and Speech enhancements for the rear camera of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Google Camera 8.1

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