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Google Pixel 6 Pro supports 1080p with Android 13 , custom kernel

  • The Google Pixel 6 Pro resolution can be changed to 1080p with the Kirisakura kernel mod.
  • It is thought that the Pixel 7 Pro will also have this feature.
  • There may be problems with colour, contrast, or brightness if you don’t install the mod.

Several Pixel devices will get new life with Android 13. With the Pixel upgrade, you get new features and ways to use them. If you’re brave, you can change the Google Pixel 6 Pro resolution with the Kirisakura kernel mod.

Freak07, a well-known XDA developer and the person who made the Kirisakura kernel, has updated the mod so that Pixel 6 Pro owners can change the resolution to 1080p.

The new switch is in the menu of options. It is thought that the Pixel 7 Pro will have this feature.

This was shown by the Android 13 Beta releases. The battery life can be saved with this feature. This is something that Samsung and Honor phones have.

It’s not as easy as it seems to change the resolution on a device that wasn’t made to do so. There may be problems with colour, contrast, or brightness. Freak07 says that he knows this time isn’t perfect.

In this release, you can’t double-tap to wake up, among other things. As of right now, the feature doesn’t stay on after a reboot. Instead, it goes back to 1440p.

The Kirisakura kernel mod is available on XDA. Even though the forum supports these mods, it is risky to install them. Before moving on, please read everything.

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