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GOP issues an apology for using an elephant with KKK images

GOP group issues an apology for using an elephant with KKK images

  • The Lawrence County Republican Party intended to post an image of the elephant on its Facebook page.
  • Instead, they used a picture with hooded Klansmen drawn between the animal’s legs.
  • A party official said the image was taken from a Google search and that the mistake was quickly detected.

A Republican organisation in Alabama has apologised after unintentionally utilising a GOP elephant image that had Ku Klux Klan symbols.

Instead of using the original image of the GOP elephant to post on its Facebook page, the Lawrence County Republican Party chose one in which the animal’s white areas between its legs were created to resemble hooded Klansmen.

An official from the party claimed that the picture was pulled from Google search results and that it was changed right away as soon as the error was found.

“I want to sincerely apologise for the picture that briefly displayed on this page last night. A GOP elephant from a google search was utilised, however it was later discovered that it had concealed images that did not correspond to the ideals or beliefs of the Lawrence County Republican Party “Shannon Terry expressed regret for using the image in a Facebook post.

Terry continued, “As chairman, I fully accept responsibility for the error.”

A 2020 Mother Jones article that accused the GOP of racism included the image.

Democratic lawmaker from Huntsville and House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels criticised the usage of the picture. Daniels posted on Twitter, “Shame on the Lawrence County Republican Party for this awful image.”

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