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Hania Aamir opened up about life after Asim Azhar controversy

Hania Aamir opened up about life after Asim Azhar controversy

  • Hania Aamir opened up about life after Asim Azhar controversy.
  • She revealed she is now much more cautious.
  • The actress admitted she abruptly changed after the split.

Hania Aamir, a Pakistani actress, is a vibrant and gifted woman who has amassed millions of fans and a long list of honors.

Despite the affection and adoration, she receives daily, the Visaal actress has also seen her fair share of industry issues and heartbreaks.

She has been very active on social media, allowing her to establish closer connections with her followers.

For the unfamiliar, Aamir became engaged in a scandal with Asim Azhar, a fellow artist with whom she had a strong bond. The two were allegedly dating, however despite multiple occasions when the two were seen together in public, Hania categorically denied any relationship with the musician.

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Aamir was in hot fire after making this heated remark, and people online harshly criticized her. The actor from Mere Humsafar has been quite gracious in her social media posts ever after the event.

Aamir recently talked about how she abruptly changed after the alleged split and how she is now much more cautious.

The Titli actress said “when new actors enter the industry, they are not really trained for fame or how to handle it, and so people learn via trial and error.”

Hania urged the viewers to avoid putting their romantic relationships in the public eye because it can be difficult to determine what went wrong if things don’t work out.

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