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‘Honey Boy’s Abusive Dad Depictions Was ‘Nonsense’

Shia LaBeouf: ‘Honey Boy’s Abusive Dad Depictions Was ‘Nonsense’

Shia LaBeouf says that he made some changes to his supposedly autobiographical work.

The 36-year-old Emmy winner said it was “f—ing nonsense” that his father Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf was shown as abusive in the 2019 movie Honey Boy. He said this on an episode of his friend Jon Bernthal’s Real Ones podcast, where he talked about making up with people he’s hurt.

“Here’s a man I’ve made a lot of people hate,” said LaBeouf after playing a character named James Lort in the movie who was based on his own dad.

During a previous treatment programme, LaBeouf wrote the script for Honey Boy. The actor recently said that he has been sober for 627 days. He went back to rehab in 2020 after his ex-girlfriend, FKA Twigs, said he was abusive. He started dating FKA Twigs after they worked together on a movie.

“I wrote this story, which made no sense at all. My dad always showed me so much love. Sure, it’s broken. Definitely wrong. Definitely weird. But never stopped loving, never left, “LaBeouf said. “He was always there, and I told the whole world how messed up he was as a man,” she said.

“Honey Boy is a big “poor me” story about how bad my father is and how I did him wrong. I remember talking to him on the phone and him saying, “I never read this in the script you sent me.” Since I didn’t put that stuff in the script, “He gave a reason.

LaBeouf said he was “bullying” his dad to get his permission to make the movie, “just trying to get him to sign this piece of paper.” He also said, “I turned the knob up on some stuff that wasn’t real.”

LaBeouf said, “My dad never, ever hit me.” “He hit me once, just once. And the story that Honey Boy tells is that this guy hurts his kid all the time.”

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