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India demolishes the 100-meter-tall “twin towers” in Noida

India demolishes the 100-meter-tall “twin towers” in Noida

  • “Twin Towers” in Noida, India, demolished after nine years of legal battle.
  • Controlled implosions using 3,700kg (8,160 pounds) of explosives were India’s biggest demolition to date.
  • The buildings were constructed as part of a project by real estate firm Supertech Ltd.

Following a nine-year court struggle, authorities in a New Delhi neighbourhood demolished two residential high-rise structures in a dramatic event that was shown live on television after days of thrilling media build-up.

Another unusual instance of India taking strong measures against dishonest developers and bureaucrats was the demolition of the 100-meter-tall “Twin Towers” in Noida, which were taller than the famous Qutub Minar in New Delhi and housed a concrete jungle of identical buildings.

The 32 floors of “Apex” and the 29 floors of “Ceyane,” which together contained close to 1,000 apartments that had been empty throughout nine years of legal wrangling, collapsed in a matter of seconds, generating a massive cloud of dust and debris.

India’s largest demolition to date involved controlled implosions utilizing 3,700kg (8,160 pounds) of explosives, according to local media.

As part of a project, the buildings were built by the real estate company Supertech Ltd. It was charged with breaking construction laws.

Before the explosion, thousands of people and stray dogs had to be rescued, including those from nearby high-rises, one of which was reportedly only 9 meters (30 feet) away.

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