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Infinix Zero Ultra 5G to launch soon with latest specs

Infinix Zero Ultra 5G to launch soon

Infinix Zero Ultra 5G to launch soon with latest specs.

  • Infinix Zero Ultra 5G is the company’s rumored next flagship.
  • Infinix has been at the forefront of innovation with its R&D facilities in France and Korea.
  • The Zero Ultra will likely come in just one 8GB RAM + 256GB storage configuration.

Low-cost smartphones were initially produced under the Infinix brand by Transsion Holdings. The company’s lineup of entry-level handsets received recognition.

With its R&D facilities in France and Korea, Infinix has recently been at the forefront of innovation. With examples like the Infinix Note 12 Pro and Zero X Pro, their devices also do well in the mid-range and upper mid-range price ranges.

The next “Infinix Zero Ultra 5G,” the company’s rumored next flagship, has been on tipsters’ radars for a while. According to rumors, Infinix’s 180W Thunder Charge and 3D VCC (Vapor Cloud Chamber) technology would be commercially implemented in Zero Ultra.

The next development in liquid cooling technology is 3D VCC technology. According to Infinix, protrusions will be used wherever the heating components are located to enhance heat dispersion rather than make the vapor chamber completely flat.

The bumps will limit the space between heated surfaces, such as the CPU, and effectively lower its temperature by up to 3°C compared to other VCs.

Paras Guglani, a reliable leaker, revealed key details about the Infinix Zero Ultra 5G in leaks. The 6.7-inch AMOLED display has curved edges, according to the tip.

The phone must employ a DimeSnity chipset, especially a DM 920 SoC, due to its 5G capabilities. The hole in the middle of the screen’s top will house the selfie camera.

The newest 5G Infinix phone, the Zero Ultra 5G, is likely to come in just one 8GB RAM + 256GB storage configuration.

According to earlier speculations, the camera would have a 200MP resolution and use a 4500mAh battery pack for power.

Utilizing a 180W Thunder Charger, Infinix states that the battery can be charged up to 50% in under 4 minutes. The brand will offer only two color options for this phone.

In response to earlier speculations that the Zero Ultra might be released in Pakistan, the manufacturer is hesitant to do so because the USD/PKR exchange rate is so unstable.

In actuality, most of the firms listed postponed their most recent releases. The anticipated release date, however, is between September and October for various regions. Keep an eye out for more developments.



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