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Jesús Murillo Karam charged for students disappearance case

Jesús Murillo Karam charged for students disappearance case

  • Jesús Murillo Karam was the former attorney general of Mexico.
  • He has been arrested in relation to the 2014 disappearance of 43 students.
  • he teenagers were on a bus en route to a protest in Mexico City when they went missing.

A former attorney general of Mexico named Jesús Murillo Karam has been detained in relation to the 2014 disappearance of 43 students.

The person in charge of the investigation into the crime, Jesús Murillo Karam, has been accused of torturing and forcibly displacing people.

While taking a bus through Iguala on their route to a protest in Mexico City, the teenagers disappeared.

Nothing is known about their demise other the bone fragments found in three of them.

On the evening of September 26, 2014, local police opened fire on buses carrying students; however, what transpired next is in question.

Widespread demonstrations against impunity and governmental support for organised crime were started in Mexico as a result of their inexplicable disappearance, which shocked the entire globe.

Jesús Murillo Karam, who was detained on Friday, was in charge of a contentious inquiry into what transpired to the students in 2015 that placed blame on cartel members who were alleged to have killed them and burned their bodies.

Independent specialists and the family of the missing students criticized his conclusions for flaws and for placing no culpability at all on the armed forces, despite the fact that they were supported by the then-President Enrique Pea Nieto.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), led by Mr. Karam, accused those behind Friday’s detention of having political motives in a tweet. The PRI is no longer in office.

He has been detained in connection with the disappearance of the students more than any other high-profile government official to date.

Investigators think the students were taken into custody by dishonest police officers, given to a drug cartel, who mistakenly thought they belonged to a rival group, and then murdered.

A truth committee set up by the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, charged soldiers on Thursday of contributing to the massacre, if not directly, then at least indirectly via incompetence.

According to AFP, Alejandro Encinas, the commission’s president and Mexico’s deputy interior minister, declared that “their actions, omissions, or participation allowed the disappearance and execution of the students.”

He continued, “However, the full role of military people needs more inquiry.”

President López Obrador disclosed earlier this year that navy personnel were under investigation for allegedly tampering with evidence, including at the landfill where human remains were discovered.

On Friday, he demanded that any soldiers or government agents responsible for the disappearance be brought to justice.

According to the AFP news agency, the Mexican president stated that “Publicising this atrocious, inhuman situation and at the same time punishing those responsible helps to prevent these deplorable events ever happening again.”

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