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Joe Wicks is now earning more thanks to his YouTube channel

  • The Body Coach Nutrition’s intangible assets are worth £6.4 million.
  • The company secured an additional £2.8 million in 2021 to complete the sum.
  • In 2020 alone, Joe amassed £1.6 million thanks to his efforts to keep the nation healthy.

The Net worth of Joe Wicks has increased as his business, The Body Coach Nutrition is now valued at £6.4 million.

The 36-year-old father of two is in the black after his Body Coach company secured an additional £2.8million in 2021 to complete the sum.

In 2020 alone, Joe amassed £1.6 million thanks to his efforts to keep the nation healthy amid the coronavirus outbreak.

His PE with Joe YouTube exercises was a tremendous hit with both adults and children.

Joe earned £9 million in one week with the introduction of his new app the following year.

According to figures cited by MailOnline, The Body Coach Nutrition Online’s intangible assets are worth £6.4 million.

The firm has financial reserves of $1,14,000,000 for 2022.

Recently, he displayed his £4.4 million mansion with five bedrooms and a vast lawn.

The five-bedroom property is shared by fitness guru Joe, his wife Rosie, and their two daughters, Indie, 3, and Marley, 2.

The couple is expecting their third kid at this time.

Between Christmas and the new year in 2020, more than 130,000 users purchased £69.99 annual memberships to Joe’s app.

It means the 33-year-old fitness guru earned the average UK wage of £31,000 every 39 minutes.

The Joe’s Body Coach programme has always been immensely successful, but the smartphone version is a runaway success, according to an insider.

“The usual price is £89.99 but it was on a discount, meaning it was even more appealing, especially as Brits started looking to get into shape after Christmas.

“The app was taking around £46,000 an hour.

“Joe knows his market incredibly well and, while he’s giving them a value for money product, he’s absolutely raking it in.”

Dad-of-two Joe began his Body Coach brand in 2015, but his popularity skyrocketed because to his free lockdown workouts.

He was awarded the MBE in the New Year’s Honours.

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