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Kia Sportage and competitors’ 2021 vs 2022 price comparison

Kia Sportage and competitors’ 2021 vs 2022 price comparison.

  • Kia Sportage has long been a top performer in its market.
  • Industry experts predict that sales will continue to drop in the future.
  • This is happening as a result of catastrophic inflation and a production halt.

The recent price reductions followed by the most recent price hikes have changed the face of the Pakistani auto sector.

Particularly C-segment crossovers have seen a sharp price increase and have evolved into specialist goods.

The Kia Sportage has long been a top performer in its market, with affordability being one of its defining characteristics. It is now far away from the inexpensive crossover it once was, which also applies to its rivals.

The price increases for Sportage and its rivals since August 2021 (or the time of debut) are as follows:

Note that only Pakistani compact crossover SUVs are included in this comparison.

Variants Price in August 2021 (Rs.) Prices in August 2022 (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
                                                                       Kia Sportage
Alpha 4,294,000 6,250,000 1,956,000
FWD 4,782,000 6,750,000 1,968,000
AWD 5,270,000 7,250,000 1,980,000
                                                                      Hyundai Tucson
GLS Sport FWD 4,979,000 6,899,000 1,920,000
Ultimate AWD 5,469,000 7,399,000 1,930,000
                                                                        Proton X70
Executive AWD 4,590,000 6,740,000 2,150,000
Premium FWD 4,890,000 7,190,000 2,300,000
                                                                      DFSK Glory 580
1.5T CVT 4,229,000 5,610,000 1,381,000
1.8 CVT 4,379,000 5,806,000 1,427,000
Pro CVT 4,610,000 6,100,000 1,490,000
                                                                       Haval Jolion
1.5T FWD 5,725,000 6,020,000 295,000
                                                                           MG HS
Trophy Edition 5,749,000 8,499,000 2,750,000
PHEV 7,899,000 8,900,000 1,001,000
                                                                         Haval H6
1.5T FWD 6,495,000 7,425,000 930,000
2.0T AWD 7,499,000 (Launch Price) 8,499,000 1,000,000
                                                               Toyota Corolla Cross
Base Grade 7,689,000 12,249,000 4,560,000
Mid Grade 8,199,000 13,099,000 4,900,000
High Grade 8,399,000 13,419,000 5,020,000

Widespread Problem

As a result of a delay in the letter of credit (LC) approval for the CKD imports, HACL, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC), Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC), and Kia Lucky Motor Corporation (KLMC) announced non-production days earlier this month.

Additionally, the most recent information from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (PAMA) revealed a sharp fall in sales in July 2022.

PSMC, IMC, and HACL had a sharp decline in sales last month, while Hyundai Nishat Motor Company Limited (HNMPL) failed to sell even one Elantra or Sonata.

Due to catastrophic inflation, price increases, and recurrent production halts, industry experts predict that sales will continue to drop in the future.


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