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Kim Kardashian won’t put up with Kanye West stalking her man

Kim Kardashian will not put up with Kanye West stalking her new man, says report

  • Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has made it clear to her ex-husband Kanye West that he must stop harassing her and her new lover.
  • The ex-lover of Skims’ creator Pete Davidson, the Praise God musician, was the target of such relentless bullying and mockery that he was driven to therapy.

While dating Kardashian, West posted about Davidson’s supposed death as a way to celebrate their breakup and continue his online assaults on the former Saturday Night Live star.

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Kim Kardashian claims that she never truly loved Pete Davidson

After her breakup with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian is apparently not open…

A close friend of Kardashian told Hollywood Life that the rapper’s bullying caused her a lot of stress, so she’s determined to never have that happen to her again.

According to the source, “Kim has spoken to Kanye about the way he treated Pete on several occasions,”

“She explained how difficult he made things for her and she hopes he would treat her next relationship with complete respect.

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“What he did to Pete was uncalled for and although she has her apprehensions, she isn’t going to let Kanye control her life.

“She’s not dating at the moment, but if it happens, it happens. However, it won’t be a decision she takes lightly,” the source said.

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