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Kristian Bush to release 52 songs for his 52nd birthday

  • Kristian Bush was surprised he’s 52 years old.
  • Bush’s 50th birthday — March 14, 2020 — coincided with the day COVID-19 forced the U.S. into lockdown.
  • He stayed home like much of the rest of the world and lost track of time — and his career.

Kristian Bush was shocked to learn that he is 52 years old. Bush’s 50th birthday was on March 14, 2020, which was also the day COVID-19 locked down the U.S. He did what most people do and stayed at home. He lost track of time and his career. In March, when Kristian Bush turned 52, he had cake and a plan to celebrate.

Bush, one half of the Grammy-winning country duo Sugarland, tells , “I’ve spent most of my life having to see setbacks as chances.” “It was hard to believe that something good could come from the pandemic, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. I said to myself, “Why not release 52 songs on my 52nd birthday?””

The idea turned into a 52-song, four-volume album that will be released in parts over the next year by Big Machine Label Group. Bush also makes a weekly podcast called 52-The Podcast that talks about the connections between his old hits and his new songs.

“There’s a lot of comfort and strength that can come from telling yourself the truth about yourself,” he says. “People are either ashamed of how their age makes them feel, or they’re scared of what people might think. I think 52 feels pretty young.”

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