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Maureen McGovern’s Alzheimer’s symptoms: ‘It’s difficult’

Maureen McGovern’s Alzheimer’s symptoms: ‘It’s difficult’

  • Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, as described by Maureen McGovern: ‘it’s a challenge’
  • Maureen McGovern is demonstrating that it is possible to maintain optimism in the face of adversity.

The 73-year-old Grammy winner and Oscar winner revealed her diagnosis of posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in a heartfelt yet upbeat Facebook post and website statement on Friday.

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“What I do, or what I am still able to accomplish, has changed. I can no longer travel or perform in live concerts. In fact, I can no longer drive — how’s that for a kick in the butt?” McGovern wrote.

“Of course, it’s a challenge, but it certainly is not going to keep me from living my life.”

“But slowly I realized that my inner life has not changed. My passion for music, for singing, remains profoundly robust,” she continued.

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McGovern stated that she intends to continue singing and producing songs for children in addition to working to increase awareness of the benefits of music therapy.

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