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Meghan Markle might make a major U-turn to rebuild her career

Meghan Markle might make a major U-turn to rebuild her career

  • The mother-of-two has lost interest in acting.
  • Meghan is moving forward with a different line of work.
  • People will adore it.

Meghan Markle, the bride of Prince Harry, may make a significant career U-turn as she makes every attempt to stay in the public eye after relocating to the US.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to star in more high-profile Netflix productions, but after today, Meghan may modify her strategy.

According to a psychic who spoke to the Daily Star, the mother-of-two has lost interest in acting and is moving forward with a different line of work.

Psychic Jasmine Rose Anderson said that unlike the other royals, the public will “enjoy it” when asked if the Sussex should be securing their Netflix agreement and if it is a smart idea.

“There is definitely tension surrounding this, in my opinion. Many members of the royal family won’t be pleased, and I have the impression that it will be extensively censored, there will be a lot they can’t say. People will adore it, “She spoke.

She added: “I anticipate Meghan publishing a few books that centre on her opinions and on parenthood. There are three series that I can see. She wants them to make their own choices and to listen to their hearts.”

In response to a query, Jasmine said: “She is smiling and rolling her eyes as I watch, I think Diana and Meghan would have became great friends.”

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