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Meghan may fool Americans and celebrities, but not Africans

Meghan may fool Americans and celebrities, but not Africans

  • Meghan Markle infuriated numerous South Africans in her podcast.
  • South Africans took to Twitter.
  • Meghan Markle doesn’t care how she depicts South Africa.

With her first podcast, Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, infuriated numerous South Africans by discussing an event that occurred during the couple’s most recent royal visit.

A heater that was installed in the nursery where Meghan’s four-month-old son Archie was supposed to be resting while his parents were out on engagements caused an incident, she revealed to her friend and tennis star Serena Williams in the first episode of her podcast series Archetypes.

Two children’s mother said: “As soon as we landed, we had to deliver him to the housing facility they had arranged for us to reside in. At the house, a fire has broken out.”

The Duchess continued by claiming that her kid had not been hurt because his nanny Lauren had brought the child downstairs with her for a snack when he was not in the room.

One of the reasons several South Africans took to Twitter and helped make the hashtag VoetsekMeghan, which is offensive and means “get away, trending,” popular appears to be the way in which Meghan triggered outrage with her description of the property as a “housing unit.”

Justine Fairground, a user, posted the following: “You might be able to trick Americans, celebrities you consider friends, and social media neophytes, but not Africans. You’ve made yourself known to us. You neglect those you upset along the way when you try to destroy the Royal Family.”

“Meghan Markle doesn’t care how she depicts South Africa, she must never step foot here ever again,” responded Lulama Anderson, presenter of The Snaymaan Podcast.

Mr. Anderson responded when another commenter, LilyB, questioned how Meghan depicted South Africa: “Optics will show that South Africa is not safe.”

“I was impressed by her acting on Oprah interview, but after learning that she lied about South Africa, I retract my compassion and rage at the British media and Royal family,” Raymond Segodi commented.

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