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Munda Headworks Bridge sweeps away in Charsadda

Munda headworks bridge sweeps away as Charsadda currently under heavy flood. Image: File

Munda Headworks Bridge collapsed and swept away in flood relay and water has entered the houses and people along with children have taken shelter on the roofs and are repeatedly calling for help.

A high flood is expected as the flow of water is continuously increasing in the Kabul River.

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Flood relay has caused destruction to Charsadda on Friday night. Due to the high flow of water, the army and civil administration are helpless to do any relief activity. The flow of water is continuously increasing.

The affectees are being shifted to government colleges and sports complexes.

The bridge connecting Charsadda to Peshawar has also been washed away in the flood.

The people are complaining that they are being helped by the government.

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