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N.Y. fire captain who is accused of forcing a Black firefighter

N.Y. fire captain accused of forcing a Black firefighter to attend racist party resigns

  • Rochester fire Capt. Jeffrey Krywy pressured a Black firefighter to attend a party that mocked Juneteenth.
  • Krywy chose to retire “before termination proceedings” could begin, mayor says.
  • Jerrod Jones has filed a notice of claim against the city and fire department.

Tuesday saw the resignation of a New York fire captain who got accused of forcing a Black firefighter to attend a party that featured racist iconography mocking Juneteenth. After the city conducted an investigation into his alleged misbehaviour, Rochester Fire Capt. Jeffrey Krywy made the decision “before termination proceedings” could start, according to a statement from Mayor Malik Evans.

Krywy got informed of the “determination of the investigation, compelling him to quit the service,” the mayor stated. Krywy then made the decision to retire.

Jerrod Jones, a firefighter, this week submitted a notice of claim indicating his intention to sue the city of Rochester and the Rochester Fire Department in relation to the event.

Jones, a 14-year fire department veteran, claimed in the petition that Krywy had forced him and two other firemen to attend a private party with offensive material.

He claimed that when he first arrived to the party and saw a huge cutout of the late President Donald Trump, he felt nervous because it was against department policy to attend partisan political activities, according to the petition.

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However, it claimed Jones “become utterly horrified” when he saw two sizable Juneteenth celebration flags adorning the lawn, along with buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken conspicuously displayed, in what was described as “an evident use of the racist cliche rehashed by racists to humiliate Black Americans.”

According to the petition, someone at the party also appeared to be acting sexually while pretending to be Monroe County legislator Rachel Barnhart while the audience teased her. According to the complaint, Jones could also see “images of local democratic leaders on stakes across the grass around the backyard, according to the petition, Jones claimed to have brought up the problem with a senior after the occurrence and requested that they resolve it. Four days after bringing up the issue, he was horrified to learn that the captain had been assigned to work with him for his subsequent shift, which prompted him to take additional action.

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Jones’ attorney Nate McMurray questioned the decision to permit Krywy to retire, saying: “I don’t know, if you don’t get terminated for what he did, what do you get terminated for?”

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