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Netizens’ reactions to Jordan Peele’s film are mixed

Netizens’ reactions to Jordan Peele’s film are mixed

  • Nope is the latest horror sci-fi film from director Jordan Peele.
  • Film received a mixed bag of reviews from fans on Twitter.
  • There were those who called the director a genius and visionary for his out-of-the-box plot points.

Fans are using Twitter to discuss the much-anticipated horror/science-fiction movie Nope now that it has been out. Jordan Peele, a well-known director, directed the movie, thus expectations were high. Under the auspices of his Monkeypaw Productions company, Peele not only wrote the screenplay but also co-produced and directed the movie.

The leading performers in the movie, Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, and Brandon Perea, are among its outstanding cast members. According to the movie’s official synopsis, “Two siblings who manage a horse ranch in California find something lovely and sinister in the skies above, while the proprietor of a nearby theme park tries to make money from the enigmatic, extraterrestrial occurrence.”

The movie received a variety of reviews from viewers on Twitter. Many people criticised the movie’s screenplay, which they regarded as disorienting and confusing, while some calling the director a genius and visionary for his novel plot aspects. Many people claimed that because of the film’s busy schedule, certain excellent possibilities to develop the characters and their backstories were squandered. Despite the fact that the film’s brilliance was widely contested, those who liked it refused to change their minds and stood up for the filmmaker and the movie against their detractors. Overall, the Twitter audience had a hit-or-miss experience with the most recent release. Swipe through some fan responses on Twitter by continuing to scroll.

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