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Prince Harry’s Africa visit sent ‘strong message’ to his ‘doubters’

Prince Harry’s Africa visit sent ‘strong message’ to his ‘doubters’

  • Prince Harry unexpectedly traveled to Africa before his visit to UK.
  • He visited Mozambique and Rwanda while serving as president of African Parks.
  • A royal insider says he was “sending a message” with his solo trip.

Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that they would visit the UK again in September to take part in many charitable activities.

The Duke of Sussex unexpectedly travelled alone to Africa on Wednesday before his visit to the United Kingdom. According to accounts, he visited the country while serving as president of African Parks, a non-profit organization that conserves nature and oversees national parks all over the country.

He met with diplomats in Rwanda and Mozambique during his three-day trip. While the globe has praised Harry on his most recent trip, royal authority and journalist Jennie Bond claims that the duke has “proven people wrong” and that he and Meghan “don’t want to be high profile.”

Bond expressed surprise that news of Harry’s travel did not break right away and suggested the prince was “sending a message” with the lone trip.

Bond added, “I am surprised that he could do a tour and pass around London absolutely unnoticed.

He must have worn a lot of disguise, but I’m still completely shocked. I’m sure a Netflix team would have been there, but he’s very passionate about this charity, African Parks,” the source continued.

“His heart is in Africa, I don’t doubt his sincerity, and I don’t think this is a stunt,” the journalist continued. I respect him for demonstrating that he can carry out his duties independently of a press corps and photographers.

She suggested that it might be a signal to his doubters that he and Meghan genuinely don’t want to be in the public eye.

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