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Republicans criticised by Democrats over Social Security

Republicans criticised by Democrats over Social Security conservative politicians snare the “third rail”

  • Blake Masters was running for Senate seat in Arizona.
  • In June, he suggested privatizing Social Security.
  • Masters is one of many Republicans who have called for cutting long-term Social Security spending to tackle inflation.

Blake Masters put up what he called a “new and original” concept when he was vying for the Republican Senate nomination in Arizona.

“Perhaps privatising Social Security is a good idea. Right? Get the government out of private retirement funds, he urged during a June forum with the fiscally conservative organisation FreedomWorks.

Masters then changed his mind. After winning the primary, he told the Arizona Republic, “I do not want to privatise Social Security.” “I believe that I was talking about something quite different in the context. The system cannot be altered. Seniors can’t be treated unfairly.

Democrats noticed a gap in the crucial Arizona election. In a threatening television commercial featuring the video, the party’s Senate campaign arm charged Masters with wanting to “cut our Social Security and privatise it” in order to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy while “gambling our life savings on the stock market.”

When pressed to clarify his stance, Blake’s viewpoint has always been clear, according to Katie Miller, a spokesperson for the Masters campaign. He just seeks to encourage future generations to save money through personal accounts.

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Ahead of the 2022 election, Masters is one of many Republicans to touch what has been called the “third rail” of American politics — a costly but popular pillar of the safety net that gives monthly cash benefits to those 62 and older, who vote in big numbers. GOP candidates have proposed reducing long-term Social Security spending to combat inflation and address the program’s solvency in significant Senate and House contests around the nation. By claiming that the same Republicans caused a budget gap by lowering taxes for the wealthiest Americans, Democrats are attempting to make them pay a political price.

Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican, reportedly claimed that Social Security “was set up poorly” and that it would have been preferable to invest the money in the stock market during a recent campaign visit, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Earlier, Johnson told a radio show that Social Security and Medicare should be axed as “mandatory” programs and be subject to “discretionary” spending, meaning Congress would have to renew them yearly or they’d end.

His Democratic opponent, Mandela Barnes, responded that the two-term incumbent senator “wants to strip seniors of the benefits they’ve worked their entire lives for” and “throw Wisconsin’s middle class overboard” to serve corporate donors.

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