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Snap stopped Pixy flying drone development

  • Snap Inc. has halted the development of the Pixy drone.
  • The company lost $40 million on Spectacles in 2016.
  • Snap Inc. will sell Pixy drones on its website for $229.99.

Snap Inc. has halted Pixy drone development. The Pixy debuted four months ago. The company hasn’t had a stellar hardware track record, which may surprise people.

Evan Spiegel, co-founder and CEO of Snap Inc., reportedly told colleagues during a Q&A session. The corporation has had a hard year, so it’s shifting resources to reduce losses.

While drone prices have dropped in recent years, consumers still need to put in extra work. Over 250-gram drones must be registered with the FAA.

These hurdles made it hard for the typical customer to start drone photography or filming. The Pixy aimed to be as intuitive as possible.

Pixy’s mode dial let users choose a flight pattern instead of a typical controller. Pixy automatically performs the pattern, takes images, and shoots videos.

After shooting, it returned to the owner and shut down. Snapchat allows users to control their drones.

Pixy offers decent photo and video quality despite its convenience.

Snap Inc. has faced hardware issues before. The company released Spectacles in 2016.

Users could record photographs and videos with Snapchat eyewear. It launched with pop-up vending machines but took months to reach retail channels.

Snap Inc. lost $40 million on Spectacles a year later. The company released second and third versions of Spectacles. Hardware hasn’t caught on yet.

The business is constantly experimenting, teasing its next-generation augmented reality Spectacles online.

Snap Inc. will sell Pixy drones on its website for now. The drone costs $229.99 to start.

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