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Teenage pilot sets age record for round-the-world solo flight

Teenage pilot sets age record for round-the-world solo flight

  • The 17-year-old landed in Bulgaria, where his journey kicked off five months ago.
  • Teenager flew through 52 countries over five continents and crossed the equator twice.
  • He is the youngest person to do so in a microlight aircraft.

A Belgian-British youngster made history by becoming the youngest person to fly around the world alone in a small aircraft. After landing in Bulgaria on Wednesday, where his round-the-world trip began five months ago.  In order to accomplish his mission and secure two Guinness World Records, Mack Rutherford, who turned 17 during the journey, landed on an airstrip west of Sofia. The capital of Bulgaria. Rutherford not only flew solo around the world at a young age, but he also flew a microlight plane around the world at a young age.

The previous ultralight record belonged to his sister Zara, who finished her own round-the-world journey in January at the age of 19. Travis Ludlow of Britain, who was 18 at the time of his solo fly around the globe last year. Lost the age record to Rutherford.

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Rutherford completed 52 countries across five continents during the record-breaking expedition, which started on March 23. He crossed the equator twice in order to establish a record that was recognised by Guinness World Records.

Rutherford, who was born into a family of pilots, qualified for his pilot’s licence in 2020 at the age of 15, making him the world’s youngest pilot at the time.

Because his sponsor, the web hosting business ICDSoft, has its headquarters in Sofia and leased him the jet, his solo flight around the globe began in Bulgaria.

Rutherford, like his sister, piloted a Shark, one of the world’s fastest ultralight aircraft with a cruising speed of 300 kph (186 mph). Originally a two-seater, it was altered for his lengthy journey by adding an additional tank in place of the second seat.

The expedition took longer than predicted because of a number of unanticipated difficulties along the way, including monsoon rains, sandstorms, and high heat. It was originally anticipated to take up to three months.

However, the majority of the hold-ups were due to waiting for permissions and other documentation needed for additional flights, or having to change the planned route if they were rejected.

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